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Maintenance predictive

Detection of anomalies on the road equipment

The SNCF uses our diagnostic tool to identify defective equipment on materials on the train and thus better manage maintenance interventions.

Energy consumption prediction

Provide better visibility into your customers’ energy expenditures and prioritize actions to reduce the utility’s operational costs.


Scoring of companies

Develop an algorithm that offers a more refined risk analysis and provides a scoring tool for credit granting.

Optimize the presence of control officers in the field

Implementation of the OctoCity Transport platform to increase the validation rate and improve the collection of tickets.

Estimate the number of people in buildings in real time

Analyze the attendance and have a real time reporting of the attendance, entries and exits, anomalies (unauthorized persons).

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Detecting parking fraud in on-street areas

Optimize enforcement officer patrols to reduce fraud and increase compliance.

Detecting available parking spaces in airports

To have a global view on the occupation of the parking lot and to identify the parked vehicles with plate reader.

Fraud Prevention

Fight insurance fraud with dedicated learning algorithms.

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