OctoCity Parking, the predictive for on-street enforcement officers

OctoCity Parking® enables fast and smooth parking controls. A solution designed for parking operators wishing to optimise control times and obtain a better understanding and identification of fraud within their municipality.

Recover lost revenue from fraud

OctoCity Parking is a predictive solution that consists of an application for agents and a platform for managers. The solution enables fast and smooth parking controls.

Mobile Application - Agent


The mobile application is designed for field officers to provide them with an interactive and predictive route map and to optimise their routes in real time to the locations where fraud is highest at any given time. From the application, the agents can also control parking tickets and the correct payment of the latter.

Web Platform - Manager


Designed for managers, the web platform allows global monitoring of the situation in the field on the one hand, but also a statistical view of the efficiency of the control, security and mediation units.

The advantages of the OctoCity Parking platform

Improved compliance rate

Improved compliance rate for parking payments

Targeted enforcement

Officers go to where fraud is most prevalent

Automation of tasks

Scheduling and deployment are automated.

Impact of the solution

0 %
Impact from the first month of implementation
0 %
Volume of increase in fines in 6 months
0 %
Record number of parking tickets issued in the city of Jeddah

How to recover the loss of revenue generated by fraud?

Talk to us about your projects to reduce fraud on your network
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