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Datategy was founded in 2016 by Mehdi Chouiten and Eric Chau, two experts in Data Science.
Their vision is to provide AI to help transform operational teams.

Datategy, the next generation of enterprise AI

Datategy (Data Strategy), a startup dedicated to data science and analytics, was founded in 2016 by Mehdi Chouiten and Eric Chau; two data scientists specialised in the development of Machine Learning algorithms. Their vision is to improve the value of data, in order to optimise processes and impact companies’ business strategy.

They have developed platforms for analysing data streams in real time based on artificial intelligence technologies.

Datategy started with the development of its platform, OctoCity®, which centralises data related to mobility (transport, parking, anti-fraud). The OctoCity® platform is designed for transport and parking operators who seek a ticket control solution that improves compliance rates.

In 2020, Datategy launches its papAI® platform, making data appropriation accessible to all types of users (Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Chief Data Officer…). The solution provides end-to-end data science project management, from data collection to the deployment of your predictive models.u contrôle des titres de transport permettant de faire baisser drastiquement la fraude.

AI at the service of your business

Today, AI has become the technology that companies have had to adapt to and apply to their field of activity. Our mission is to provide people-centric AI to provide relevant information to support decision making.

Datategy has studied different sectors such as the impact of AI in the field of mobility, telecommunications, energy… Our objective is to analyze your data in the right way, in order to bring significant added value to your company. We assist the customer throughout the data collection process up to the deployment of predictive models. Providing clear and adapted explanations to users according to their level of technical knowledge facilitates the integration and use of our solution.

Trust and transparency are essential if we are to take advantage of the possibilities of AI and create a world where this technology is a driver that improves people’s lives. Unlike most AI companies, we ensure that our customers are present at every stage of data visualization. This not only helps demystify the ‘black box’ of AI, but also enhances the user experience.
We also take into consideration advanced features such as time series and real-time flow data collection. Making your data readable and operational in real time facilitates the industrialization and deployment of your predictive models.

"We maintain an active monitoring in partnership with research laboratories and prestigious schools from which most of our engineers come. [...] We believe, like the public authorities, that the future cannot be envisaged without the profound transformations that AI implies."
Mehdi Chouiten

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