A collaborative platform

papAI allows you to easily and quickly share your data projects with your team members. Intuitive collaboration to allow you to exchange easily.

papAI demo

papAI is a collaborative platform to everyone involved in a data project

The platform is adapted to the use of different users. An intuitive interface to quickly deploy a predictive model with the help of all project stakeholders. Each user can intervene at any time during the project to add or modify elements on the data flow.

Data Scientist

The papAI platform allows Data Scientist to import and process large amounts of data (relational database, CSV file, Excel, API...). papAI enables to add code or to customize already established codes

Several Scripting Languages

Use several scripting languages and notebook aspect.

Everyday tools

Use tools you are used to.

Analysis and modeling

Focus on analysis and modeling without worrying about the Big Data aspect.

Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst, papAI enables efficient database management. Make your data readable and operational to quickly deploy your pipelines by accelerating the processing of large amounts of data.

An intuitive interface allows you to popularize the information to make it accessible to all types of users.


Develop customised dashboards according to your visualization needs.

Graphic analysis

Perform graphical analysis through multiple visualization models.


Investigate the data and make reconciliation.

Business Analyst

papAI allows Business Analyst to analyze data pipelines according to several proposed visualization models (Statistics, Histograms of numerical and categorical data...). Deployed ML predictive models help strengthen decision-making.

Without code

No need for coding.

Graphic processing

Contribute to the Data Science project and set up graphic processing.

Chief Data Officer

As Chief Data Officer, papAI is an optimal tool to make the information legible and understandable to all stakeholders in the data project.
papAI allows you to detect anomalies (missing data...) and deduce the results obtained to optimize your pipelines. The data is reliable, consistent and ready to be analysed to support decision-making.

General overview

View the data all along your project

Management tools

Have a collaborative and intuitive management tool to exchange with your employees more easily