AI in the telecommunications


Telecommunications is the No. 1 sector in terms of untapped data. COVID-19 has contributed to this by changing the way people interact. More and more people are teleworking and people feel the need to be connected.
AI and telecom operators are coming together to take advantage of this data and accelerate the discovery of new innovations that will make tomorrow's lives easier.

Challenges encountered

  • Telecommunication networks are confronted with several million e-mails, security events or network traces (usage, anomalies).

  • How to analyze each customer's data and have the ability to provide them with the best service

Who is our solution for?

  • Telephone operators

  • Service companies in IoT

Artificial Intelligence offers two main advantages:

  • Helping to reduce costs while maintaining or improving the quality of services

  • Expand the range of services offered to increase the subscription price

Proposed solutions papAI

papAI allows you to better control and exploit your data and your network, thanks to an optimisation of the management of your infrastructures, services and logistics with the help of AI and Machine Learning.

Use case

Managing your network

- Real-time and predictive reporting
- Optimising your network with Machine Learning
- Predicting demand on your network (data and infrastructure)

Managing your customer service

- Virtual Assistance
- Predicting the intention of your contacts
- Identify your customers and know in advance the reason for their contact

Detection et prediction

- Detection and prediction of faulty infrastructure
- Predictive maintenance
- Fight against fraud