Optimize maintenance operations in real time

papAI, the AI platform that anticipates maintenance needs and prevents production shortage

The papAI platform enables companies to achieve their ambitions around industry 4.0. 

and to meet their strategic challenges in predictive maintenance


From Monitoring to Predictive Maintenance

Increased equipment availability and reduced unplanned downtime

Improved production quality through increased equipment reliability

Extended equipment life

Reduced equipment failure rate

Reduced maintenance costs

Better management of spare parts stocks

Benefits of the papAI platform on predictive maintenance

Data collection and analysis to anticipate the defects and provide advanced interpretability to act accordingly, with objectives of driving maintenance operations at the right time: not too early to reduce costs, not too late to prevent breakdowns and production shortage

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Cut maintenance costs by 10% to 40%
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CapEx reduction in new machines
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Breakdowns reduction

Associated use cases

Detection of anomalies on rolling stock

The SNCF uses our diagnostic tool to identify defective equipment on rolling stock and thus better manage maintenance interventions.

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