Mehdi Chouiten is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Before creating Datategy, Mehdi obtained his PhD in computer science at the CNRS Research Centre. He also participated in the business strategy of the Ignite program at Stanford GSB and holds a master's degree in computer science. Soon after, he became the Lead Data Scientist at Finexcap, where he worked on statistical and automatic learning algorithms for all the company's data projects.

Mehdi has worked on innovations for large energy and mobility groups, in the development of a credit scoring system for a FinTech platform and has also done consulting and algorithm creation for Smart City projects worldwide.

He recognised early on that we needed to go beyond the purely technological aspect to put data and AI at the service of transforming uses. Mehdi provides leading companies with expertise on a wide range of data science, strategy and development topics.

Since 2016, our vision is based on the fact that Data Science is less and less a technical issue, but more and more a subject that impacts corporate strategy. With the data we collect, we are able to predict risks, optimise production operations, financial operations, energy consumption, customer targeting and product pricing.


Skills and expertise

Educational background

  • Machine Learning and Algorithmics

  • Predictive analysis

  • Data-driven business strategy

  • Digital transformation

  • Statistics

  • PhD, Computer Science, CNRS

  • Business Strategy, Stanford GSB

  • Master in Computer Science, Mines Paris/ENSIIE/UEVE

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