Datategy has recently launched its new collaborative platform for processing, analyzing and modeling data flows, allowing you to enhance your data in real time. This new platform, called papAI®, allows all types of users (Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Chief Data Officer...) to quickly industrialize their data projects to a specific use case.
As a tool for performance, steering and accelerating your projects, our platform allows you to add value to your data.

The solution ensures end-to-end management of your Data Science projects, from data collection to the deployment of predictive models. An intuitive interface to build each step of your Machine Learning models and propose the best improvement axes to reinforce your decisions.

"papAI not only allows you to retrieve predefined data types, but also to automatically detect the type of information to analyze: a date, a geographical position, a sum, etc. As soon as the data is imported, papAI associates semantics to it" (MehdiChouiten, CEO of Datategy).

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