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Collaborate with all the stakeholders of a data project


Quickly deploy your predictive models across multiple use cases

  • Collect data from different sources (CSV file, Excel...)

  • Add codes or customize already established codes to obtain predictive models perfectly adapted to the use cases

  • Analysis and modeling to focus on the outcome

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Make your data readable and operational to facilitate decision making

  • Deploy your pipelines quickly by accelerating the processing of large amounts of data

  • Democratize data/information by creating custom dashboards (data visualization)

  • Data validation and reconciliation

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Benefit from powerful visualization models for a better ROI

  • Generate in-depth reports for strategic data analysis

  • Benefit from powerful predictive models to set up action plans

  • Design dashboards to track KPIs

  • Anticipate market and cost trends

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Benefit from a transparent, data-driven organization

  • Make sense of your data (Data Literacy), patterns and trends

  • Industrialize all processes related to data collection and analysis

  • Ensure a Data Governance (DG)

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papAI, data flow processing and analytics platform

Enterprise AI Platform

papAI, the Enterprise AI platform allows all types of users to quickly industrialize their data project to a specific use case. papAI provides end-to-end management of your data science projects, from data collection to the deployment of predictive models.

It provides developers with the most common families of deep learning machine learning algorithms to quickly put the company's data projects into production.

  • Time series

  • Transparency

  • Ease of use

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Discuss with us about your company's use cases
and ask for a demo to discover the Next Generation Enterprise AI platform.

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Datategy (Data Strategy) is a company with expertise in Data Science, founded in 2016 by two data scientists, Mehdi Chouiten and Eric Chau. Their vision is to enhance the value of data in order to optimize business processes and business strategy.

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