Public transport: Increase payment compliancy

Reduce the number of fraudsters, whether they are active or passive.

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Industry: Detect anomalies

Anticipate maintenance needs and detect anomalies. Visualization of safety requirements and performance.

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Insurance: Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud and identify fraudsters are greatly facilitated by the Machine Learning algorithms.

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Health: Accelerating the development of new medicines

Make your R&D more efficient by correlating multiple data sources.

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Finance: Determine the scoring of companies

Develop an algorithm that offers a finer risk analysis and provides a scoring tool for granting credit.

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Energy: Prediction of consumption

Use Machine Learning to provide your customers with better visibility on energy expenditure.

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Smart City: Trend analysis of city indicators

Aggregate the data available in the city (transport, security, energy...) make decisions on predictive data.

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    Since 2016, data science is less a technical issue and more a subject that impacts corporate strategy. With the data we recover, we are able to predict risks, optimize production operations, financial operations, energy consumption, customer targeting or product pricing.

    Mehdi CHOUITEN CEO & Founder

    papAI, data flow processing and analytics platform


    The papAI platform allows all types of users to quickly industrialize their data project to a specific use case. papAI provides end-to-end management of your data science projects, from data collection to the deployment of predictive models.

    It provides developers with the most common families of deep learning machine learning algorithms to quickly put the company's data projects into production.

    • Time series

    • Transparency

    • Ease of use

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    Data Collection

    Data Cleaning

    Data visualization

    AI & Deployment

    Datategy team


    Datategy brings together world-class experts in Artificial Intelligence. Our team shares the vision of Data Science at the service of business to help them in their decisions.

    The company has around 35 employees, most of whom are either PhD graduates or engineers from prestigious universities.

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    Meet the team

    Mehdi CHOUITEN


    +10 years experience with a PhD, Standford GSB

    Eric CHAU

    CTO and Co-founder

    8 years of Data Scientist experience and a Master's Degree in Data Science at the University of Manchester

    Cédric BESSON

    Head of Business development & Sales

    25 years of experience in the Telecom sector, IoT...

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    Datategy (Data Strategy) is a company with expertise in Data Science, founded in 2016 by two data scientists, Mehdi Chouiten and Eric Chau. Their vision is to enhance the value of data in order to optimize business processes and business strategy.

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      18 rue des villiers, 92300 Levallois

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      +33 (0)176 542 897


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