AI in healthcare


On the French market, the health and finance sectors are pioneers in the field of AI. Artificial Intelligence is already omnipresent in many products and services that we use on a daily basis. These technological innovations in the field have reduced costs while improving the customer experience.
An important breakthrough has been made in research and development, particularly in the area of women's cancer screening, achieving impressive and promising results. But for this to happen, our healthcare system must be able to rely on high-performance digital tools that serve everyone, patients and professionals alike.

How to respond to these challenges?

AI uses algorithms to analyse complex medical data. We wish to make the benefits of this data accessible to all health care actors. Through the facilitated valorisation of data we succeed and wish to improve the quality of care and to accelerate the discovery of tomorrow's treatments.

Who is our solution for?

  • Self-employed doctors

  • Public and private hospitals

  • Private medical sector

  • ONG/ Associations

Use Case

Health: Accelerating the development of new medicinesPharmaceutical industry and R&D

Make your R&D more efficient by correlating multiple data sources.

Insurance: Fraud Prevention

Fight insurance fraud with dedicated learning algorithms.