Pragmatic an ethical AI in the service of health for all

Democratize AI across your organization for the entire business chain, from R&D to physician and patient engagement. Datategy addresses your various use cases by working with you to define the metrics you want to achieve to streamline the patient journey, increase the quality of care delivered, and improve the profitability of your operations.

Accessible AI for every healthcare players

Pharmaceutical & Medical devices companies


papAI to cover the complete value chain of your activities, from product development to patient follow-up

papAI to collect and leverage all of your data

End-to-end management of your data science projects, from data collection to the deployment of predictive models.


identify the best research prospects, better recruit and follow-up patients during clinical trials.


Demand forecasting, secure the supply chain, ensure access to care for all.


Anticipate and predict the nature of breakdowns in production (avoid production stoppages, identify the origin of future breakdowns to optimize maintenance operations) and ultimately improve the quality of your products.


Improve customer knowledge (channel appetence, marketing pressure, avoid churn by promoting valuable interactions and strengthen the relationship with patients.

Health care institutions

papAI to enhance hospital operational excellence and ensuring good quality of care

Operational excellence

Predictive maintenance of all of your equipment

Thirthy and responsible management

Prediction of energy consumption, electricity, catering ...

Flow management

Patient flow management and optimization in the HCO, incare/outcare …

Improve care pathways

Improve patient follow-up throughout the entire care pathway from hospital to homecare) by facilitating caregiving and decision-making from HCPs

Why papAI ?

Leverage your health data …

Collect and structure your data from different sources and formats

A quick tool for health care decision making

4 seconds of calculation vs 3 minutes 30 for a market leader.

... And even more information

Our feature engineering feature helps extract new insights from raw data

Explainable AI to give clear guidelines to all and transparent decisions making

Explicability of the reasons for the decisions proposed by the AI: make the AI benefit everyone by proposing clear actions.

Easy to use

Easy to use for all members of your organization (data experts, business professionals, healthcare professionals ...) and a collaborative tool to make AI benefit everyone and promote its adoption

Cost reduction and sustainable AI

Immediate added value thanks to intelligent and economical management of your data projects. For a typical project, papAI takes up 10 times less storage space than a market leader (11 GB vs. 114)

papAI committed to regulatory compliance

Partners with compliant certified hosts

Encryption and traceability of data flows

Anonymization of patient data