AI in the energy sector


Today, energy needs are growing and monitoring operational risks is becoming increasingly important. At a time when there is an urgent need to optimise energy consumption, broaden explorations and hasten the energy transition, AI appears to be one of the means to achieve these objectives. AI helps you to gather and analyse a large amount of data in order to best manage renewable and fossil energies.

Challenges encountered

One of the major challenges in the energy sector is the increase in consumption and thus the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The energy transition is an objective for most energy suppliers, but it requires reflection on several issues:

  • Energy storage (a general problem even with fossil fuels)

  • The dependence of renewable energies on climatic hazards

  • Land use for solar and wind farms: which land to use?

What added value for our customers?

  • Energy distributors and generators

  • Businesses

  • Communities

Energy: Prediction of consumption

Use Machine Learning to provide your customers with better visibility on energy expenditure.

Industry: Anomaly detection

Anticipate maintenance needs and detect anomalies by understanding them.

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