Energy: Prediction of consumption


  • Customer



Digital transformation strategy of the group through the project "Mastermind" and the implementation of a solution "Smart Application" that allows the end customer to have a report on the energy consumed.


Provide consumers with data and analysis of their consumption habits in order to encourage energy savings.

  • Visualize the energy consumption according to the breakdown by use: identify which is the most important consumption

  • Provide consumption data to your customers (through the website or mobile application) to better understand the billing process

  • The implementation of predictive models to help clients anticipate their consumption: "energy coaching".

  • Propose new services, create new offers according to consumption peaks: off-peak hours, weekend consumption, etc.

  • Real-time visualization of your customers' energy consumption

  • Detection and prediction of sudden changes in energy consumption

  • Accompaniment of the customer through an alert system: Raising alerts when consumption is abnormal or when the bill is too high

  • Encouraging actions that save energy and improve operations


  • Solution to help forecast energy consumption and set up reliable customer benchmarks

  • More in-depth knowledge of consumption for a better supply of the resource upstream of the distribution chain