Centre of Excellence: Service-oriented AI software How to leverage data in record time at reasonable cost?

Consulting and Software vendors’ complementary roles

Software industry like in many other high tech industries has often seen a complementary use of consultancy whose aim is to define strategies and organisation, and software providers whose aim is to meet those expectations with solutions.

That role split is very relevant with emerging technologies for which companies need insight before making investment decisions on a particular topic. Return on investment is then carefully considered balancing CAPEX and new structure requirements with the expected outcome. How tech is going to improve either customer service (hence revenue) and productivity (hence operational cost)?

AI is a mature technology with proven results

What if a particular tech has already proven its relevance and performance? It is no secret that Big Data and associated AI have been used in many different areas and proved to be highly efficient at reducing costs (a recent McKinsey report highlighted 10% to 40% savings on maintenance costs with predictive maintenance over traditional preventive maintenance for example) and giving a thorough understanding of customer trends and behaviours so they can be more effectively anticipated and matched!

In this case, it may be a waste of time and money to work out a new strategy and resource planning whereas software vendors with a proven track record are able to provide a solution and can accommodate technical experienced resources to complete data projects.

Blending a software solution with service (i.e. available and trained technical resources) would indeed help business line departments and technical teams to leverage their data and demonstrate in a short period of time (typically 3 months) that AI has a fast ROI and gives a competitive advantage without delay.

Why not testing AI first and make impactful decisions afterwards?

Usually, software editors are focusing on products rather than services. Most of the time, they do offer set-up service and training but tend not to go further. However, this might be possible with large organisations like IBM or Microsoft.

At Datategy, what we call a Centre of Excellence is a combination of a powerful tool and experts. We can mobilise data scientists, data engineers and project managers at a short notice whether it’s for one or multiple projects. Since the papAI platform is so simple and easy to get results with, only a few experts are needed to handle many cases.

For companies with no previous experience on data

The value of outsourcing an AI data project to a service-oriented software provider is to give confidence in the technical feasibility and outcome. It is a real proof of value and an important milestone to decide any further development into the valuation of my data.
Key questions answered are:

  • Are my data available, correct and relevant in order to achieve my objectives?

  • What is the right KPI? How much shall I expect to achieve better?

  • What is the ROI?

For companies with in-house data experts

In-house data scientists are usually busy developing algorithms for their core business. While they may use a generic platform like Datategy’s papAI, they have enough internal resources and do not need assistance from a service company.
However, there is a significant amount of use cases that are left aside and would require external support.

That means, in the two cases above, combining a state-of-the-art AI tool and the right people to use it, looks like an excellent idea to leverage your data and move forward!


Cedric Besson

Head of Sales and Business Development chez Datategy

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