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Green by design: What is the carbon impact of artificial intelligence on the environment?

How does the processing of calculations generate CO2? And how can we reduce their impact on the environment?

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Electronic entrance checkpoint in MTR station / subway train station in HongKong, November, 2019

Improving the compliance rate in public transport: has everything been tried?

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AI: Personal data protection VS technological advances

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Transport fraud

From a counterfoil book to AI: the evolution of the job of Safety, Security and Fraud Director

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compliance rate datategy

Control rate: how to meet the objectives set by the mobility organising authority aom

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IA at the service of disabled people

Parking: Artificial Intelligence at the service of disabled people

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Smart & Open Cities: The importance of global cooperation

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When Algorithms Decide, Whose Responsibility Is It?

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an AI predicts impact-of-deconfinement

Artificial Intelligence predicts the impact of deconfinement

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