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On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, we held our press conference at the Hotel Meurice. The objective of this event was to announce the launch of our papAI® platform which allows the appropriation and the valorization of data by allowing companies to optimize their processes.
A true performance tool and data project gas pedal, it enables the successful completion of all AI projects, from data collection to the production of predictive models. The management, analysis and modeling of temporal data are simplified, making it possible to process IoT data.
Founded in 2016, we are known for our turnkey platform, OctoCity®, which centralizes data related to people affected by mobility (transportation, parking, compliance rates). With this new solution, we are now addressing all types of players who want to rapidly prototype and industrialize their Data Science solution for a specific use case.

In the presence of :
- Mr. Mehdi Chouiten, CEO and co-founder of Datategy
- Mr. Frédéric Charles, Director of Digital Strategy at Suez Smart Solutions, who commented on the OnDijon project.
- Mr. Fabrice Duville, Director of Cloud Business Innovation at Orange Business Services, who announced our partnership.