Accessible AI

An easy to use platform through a No-Code and Low Code approach for both data and business experts

Ethical AI

The high interpretability of the platform allows a transparency on the obtained results and identified biases

Responsible AI

papAI platform adopts a green by design approach to reduce carbon footprint with faster results

Sovereign AI

The platform guarantees a protection of your data management through an localised implementation (cloud or on premise)

Collaborate with all the stakeholders of a data project

Accelerate the Production
of your Predictive Models with papAI

papAI studio, the data processing, analysis and modeling platform

papAI studio is a collaborative tool for large-scale deployment of enterprise AI: Model, analyze and visualize the entire processing chain, from raw data collection to machine learning models.

The platform accelerates experimentation and reduces development costs to rapidly deploy your data science and AI projects.

Data Collection

Collect your data flows in real time thanks to the platform's ETL

Data Cleaning

Clean up your data to optimize calculation engine productivity

Data Visualization

Analyze and visualize all your data in real time

AI & Deployment

Deploy your predictive models quickly and easily

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Discover AI use cases
for your industry

Cas d'usage transport


From route prediction to fraud prevention and better users services

L'IA dans la santé


Consolidate and leverage real world data to boost R&D, patient care and HCO operations

Maintenance predictive


Anticipate equipment maintenance and avoid production downtimes to enhance product quality


Energy & Utilities

Optimize energy consumption, expand exploration and hasten the energy transition

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Discuss with us about your company’s use cases
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