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  OctoCity® Smart Net

OctoCity Smart Net® for a better control

and a more efficient exploitation of your data and networks.

Our suggestion

The OctoCity Smart Net® platform allows you to have a better control over your data and network and to use it more effectively, by optimizing the management of your infrastructures, services and logistics using AI and Machine Learning.

For whom is this platform suitable?

Telecom operators

IoT Service Companies (Internet of Things)


Network management :
– Real time and predictive reporting.
– Optimization of your network through the machine learning.
– Forecast of your network demand (data and infrastructure).

Customer service management:
– Virtual support.
– Anticipating the intention of your contacts.
– Identify your customers and know in advance the reason for their contact.

Detection and forecasting :
– Detection and prediction of faulty infrastructure.
– Fight against the fraud.

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