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  OctoCity® Smart Building

OctoCity Smart Building®

OctoCity® Smart Building

Optimized guidance of the public to emergency exits

- Reduced waiting time.

- Optimize resource deployment.

Our suggestion

The OctoCity® Smart Building platform allows you to know and monitor the exact number of people in a public space in real time. Thanks to our application, you can also identify suspicious or malicious behaviours, to ensure better security management and planning.

Access all relevant information about the OctoCity® Smart Building platform on our flyer :

For whom is this platform suitable?


School and University

Public building


Shopping area

Train station and airport

Stadium and theme park

Public space


Functionalities of a blueprint locker:
– Storage and visualization of plans
– Automatic quality check of plans

Features of occupancy management :
– Compatible with CAD/CAM software versions
– Facilities management
– Real time and statistical occupancy management

Security and counting :
– Counting people and optimizing evacuation routes
– Hazard map (zones preview, vulnerable population and projects)

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