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  OctoCity® Waste Management

Waste management

Our suggestion

Datategy provides a Data Science platform that is able to analyse different types of data. It can be IoT Data, Geographical Data, Numerical Data, Images and Textual Data.

Optimal Waste management requires IoT and Frequent data collection through sensors and through historical data prediction. Our system is able to optimize this data centralization and analysis, and decision making.


Three concrete examples of what is done with our system :



Garbage trucks optimization (Optimal Vehicle routing done with 3 different groups) :

USE CASE II : Asbestos (done with SNCF):


Our high quality image analysis algorithm is able to recognize presence of dangerous materials like Asbestos (in specific contexts. Each context requires a different recognition model).

Material Analyzer

USE CASE III : Time Series Prediction x Sensors Data


Our solution is able to predict and confront the predictions with real time available data to fusion them and be able to optimize many processes. For example, we can predict which trash can will be full at what time (using history data if available and/or using sensors data if available). We can also provide applications for the ground agents to feed data based on what they see as a ground truth.

Our current clients

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