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Today, fraud represents a real shortfall which wan be huge for operators, up to 40% of their turnover for some operator in Ile de France.
Fraud represents a shortfall of 500M€ by year in Ile de France, the buying price of 1000 buses by year, 10% of the current fleet.

For operators, fraud represents an information deficit on the real flow of peoples, preventing a match between deployement and real needs.

Seeing that the existings tools are ineffective, Datategy has created an innovative solution, based on an predictive algorithm, Artificial intelligence, 100% Cloud allowing to generate optimun itinerary for field agents.

By creating the OctoCity solution, Datategy offers steering for the control of tickets allowing to significantly decrease fraud.


For a transport operator, fraud represents a direct shortfall. For example, fraud represents more than one million euros per day in “Ile de France”, or 1000 buses per year.

For the regulator (the city, the client), fraud represents a lack of information on the actual circulation of users, preventing a match between the deployment of the network and the real needs.

The goal of the DATATEGY solution’s goal  is to reduce fraud and its effects. Improving the revenues of the operator and the quality of the service.




  • Network structure *: list of lines, geolocated stops.
  • Validation *: Access to validation data of tickets, real-time or periodic extracts.
  • Optional: Access to verbalization data if existing. If not existing, automatic learning by reinforcement.

Validation data can be in real time or through a periodic extract.

Human Ressources and Hardware


  • GPS-equipped mobile terminals: Datategy is in partnership with suppliers (Winmate, Bluebird)
  • Enforcement staff

The solution guides the enforcers to the right stops at the right schedules.


A mobile application 

The mobile application for agents in the ground, allows to enter a verbalization, visualize the history of verbalization and to have at real time, the list of stations to visit and to guide agents to places where fraud is the highest at the moment T.

A application cloud 

The application cloud for managers, allows a global monitoring of the situation on the ground on the one hand, but also a statistical vision of the effectiveness of control and mediation units.

And this, according to several axes: by bus line, by station, by commune, by day of the week, by time of day … The mobile application will be compatible Android and the Back Office will be a web application accessible on all popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Vivaldi …).The technical stack is the JS stack, namely Node.JS for the Back and Angluar for the front office. The data will be on Cassandra in part and on Postgres for transaction data.

A pedestal technological base, allowing data scalability and record execution time. The use of open source allows the removal of hidden costs.


  • 100% cloud platform: requires no local installation, no server and no local maintenance. No storage costs to be expected.
  • Guarantee to have the latest version at all times without worrying about updates.
  • Data replication (Cassandra technology) for a high availability service.
  • Mobile application connected in real time to the servers (if connection available). Functional also in delayed connection. It allows agent guidance.


The cloud and mobile solution allows a complete externalization of technical aspects and removes hidden costs (storage, servers, maintenance …)

Data Science for Smart City

  • Our artificial intelligence algorithms analyze the transport network in all its complexity:

– Correlation with other transport methods 

– Frequency according to the hours and days of the week …

Our AI algorithms learn to model the dynamics of each city.

Déploiement de notre solution sur la ville de Lyon : classification de chaque segment de rue en une catégorie.


  • Integrates the structure of the city: proximity to each stop with center of interest (shopping center, post office, hospital …)
  • Dynamically integrates events in the city: construction works, sports and cultural events …

Our AI algorithms learn to detect how each parameter impacts the transport operator’s network.

Déploiement de notre solution sur le réseau du TICE (Essonne, France) : le diamètre du cercle représente l’ampleur de la fraude estimée.



Demo of the platform manager of the Octocity Transport solution. 

Visualization of the attendance by line and by station.

  • The overall attendance and the average wait time or per-line are also available.
  • Tracking of verbalizations in real time.
  • Creation and optimization of enforcer team’s planning thanks to predictive analysis.
  • Distribution of enforcer teams by line or geographic area.
  • Integration with pre-existing APIs (Video or other sensors)
  • Possibility to focus on a given vehicle.

Rich and configurable statistical and predictive module representing a tool for decision-making beyond the fight against fraud.


Impact on the fraude
Depending on the complexity of the network and the degree of effectiveness of the system already in place, the impact of the solution will vary.

On average, the impact on our anti-fraud solutions (all operators combined: transport and parking) oscillates between an increase in verbalizations of 3 to 8% the first month up to an increase between 12 and 22% of the volume of verbalization on average after 6 months of deployment.

In parallel to this increase in verbalization, we see a stagnation, or even a decrease in the number of long-term verbalizations, linked to an increase in the number of tickets sold (transformation of repeat offenders into customers).

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