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Our solution

Our OctoCity® solution is suitable for all companies that are in charge of flows (passengers, vehicles, energy, pedestrians, etc.) and wish to optimize their processes. OctoCity® reduces average task time, reduces waiting time, optimize deployment.

Our field of expertise

We operate in several fields of activity, including energy, security, telecommunications, etc. We create solutions adapted to the needs of the constantly evolving market.

We are currently working to expand our field of intervention by targeting international markets.


Datategy has developed an AI solution based on a predictive algorithm that allows transport operators to reduce tariff evasion and mitigate its effects. This improves the operator’s revenue and the service quality.

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Datategy develops a platform that allows you to deepen your knowledge on your customers. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you will be able to offer them better customer service, personalized products and an in-depth study of their customer journey.


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Datategy has developed a platform which allows to optimize and forecast energy consumption. Our application is able to predict energy consumption behaviors through historical data and events. The main aim is to adapt to the market’s demand in real time.

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Datategy designed a platform that allows to track the number of people in a given place in real time. Through our application, you can also identify suspicious behaviour and optimize escape routes to ensure a better security management and planning.

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Datategy developed a platform which allows to better control and exploit your data and network, thanks to an optimization of the management of your infrastructures, services and logistics using AI and Machine Learning.

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A platform that allows you to better categorize and target your customers, in order to optimize your customer service and improve your marketing strategies. Thanks to our application, give your customer a better knowledge of the products & services you sell.

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Health Care

A platform that helps you accurately predict recommendations for personalized medical treatments but also to predict and anticipate a possible epidemics.

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This platform is the ideal tool to optimize your inventory management, in order to improve your supply chain management performance. You can a lso improve the planning of your delivery routes to reduce your transport costs.

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The latest developed module


Discover the features of the OctoCity® platform, a platform that allows you to predict situations in real time, allowing you to be in the right place at the right time.

Real-time operation monitoring

Better planification

Statistics, Reporting and Forecasting

Service improvement

Space safety

Upkeep and hosting at Datategy’s expense

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