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         New features

New gathering point feature

This new feature allows to define

and visulalize on the map agent's gathering point

Payment module

New feature that allows you to pay your ticket from the OctoCity platform.

See the demo
Module reporting

Reporting module

The application is being enriched with a new feature : the reporting module allow to managers the access to an interface highlighting key statistics on the fraud situation on his network, field’s agents efficiency, KPI or the return on investment generated by the use of OctoCity.

View previous year’s data prior to the use of the OctoCity platform, and compare them to the current data in order to get an overview of the increase in ticketing.

Fraud control module

Datategy informs you of the availability of the Fraud Control module of its OctoCity solution.

This new features allow to :

  • Views the amount of ticket on a specified period to compare the fraud rate between different stations.
  • Visualize the number of ticket on three levels thanks to the sunburst diagram (by city, by line and by station)
  • Display each ticket in details, in particular information about the frauder’s behavior and ticket details provided by the field’s agent (amount, date, location, …)

Control and ePV module

Datategy presents its Control and Verbalization Module which reinforces the OctoCity Transport solution.

This new module allow to :

  • Check in real time the Navigo card status
  • Create a ticket
  • Choose the payment method used
  • Print the ticket

Manager Platform

OctoCity Manager

The application is being enriched with a new feature : the field’s agents can now communicate their status on the application, so that managers can have an overview of their operations. The agent’s status is represented by the color of their icons in the manager platform. Each color has a meaning.

IEEE Quality label


We have participated to the IEEE Annual International Conference in Athens on Artificial Intelligence tools. We received the IEEE quality label there.

General View

General view

Features :
General view allow to see in real time the deployment of agents on the field, the recalculation of the agents’ itinerary in real time and to know the agent’s position in case of emergency (assault, construction work, unavailable station, backup request)

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