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  OctoCity® Smart Sell

What do your customers think of your products and services?

How to increase the probability of his next purchase ?

Our suggestion

The OctoCity Smart Sell platform allows you to have a better categorization and a more targeted approach to your customers, in order to optimize your customers service as well as your marketing strategy. Through our application, you will have a better knowledge of the products/services you sell. Your products are prioritized and you can plan cancellations.

For whom is this platform suitable?

All companies selling products and services.


Marketing strategy optimization:
– Opinion analysis for a better targeting of your ads.
– Canceling forecast and reward your best customers.
Plan your objectives, strategies, campaigns and advertisements.

Optimized management of your customers service:
– Clients categorization.
– Contact customers according to their needs.
Select the right contact channel.

– Targeting the right campaigns to the right customers.
– Create a customization feeling.
Promote feedback on your products, plan your strategies as well as possible.

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