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  OctoCity® Smart Fleet

OctoCity® Smart Fleet

Optimized and simplified inventory management

Our suggestion

The OctoCity Smart Fleet® platform is the perfect tool to optimize your inventory management, to improve the performance of your supply chain management. Thanks to our application, you can also improve the planning of your delivery routes to reduce your transport costs.

For whom is this platform suitable?

Supply and distribution companies

Shipping and freight companies


Improved scheduling and synchronization of your production :
– Improved knowledge of your performance.
– Supply chain delays reduction
– Positif impact on your production flow

Prediction and usage pattern:
– Demands forecast
– Use patterns to know your most used asset.
– Better planning for the maintenance and inspection of your assets.

Management of your suppliers and fleets :
– Improvement of your deliveries performance.
– Cost and delivery risk reduction.
– Monitoring the quality and compliance of your suppliers.
– Tracking and traceability reporting.

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